2017 Hudson Heartland Holiday Shopping Guide

Buying gifts is hard. Buying distinctive gifts is harder. Buying distinctive gifts that mean something is harder still. But buying distinctive, meaningful, practical gifts that capture the inventiveness and essence of a place is fairly simple, now. Because once again Hudson Heartland is happy to present a Holiday Shopping Guide featuring items that are sourced (or branded) from within Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties (with some peripheral overlap, maybe), available for online orders (or a quick phone call), and available to ship.

The list is below, but while we're talking there's also an in-person shopping event you can hit if you're here: The Hudson Valley Farm & Flea in Newburgh on November 25. 

So, to the list. If you are: a) a Hudson Heartlander at home who wants to send a gift to a friend who lives elsewhere or b) a Hudson Heartlander who's away who wants to share the allure of your native soil with your new "locals" or c) a one-time visitor to the region who never forgot it or d) someone who wants to sustain your small-business neighbors—then these gifts are ideal holiday presents. Click to buy or browse these sites for more cool ideas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and/or a gift-free Festivus to you!

New additions: 

Updated entries from previous years: 

Please comment in your favorite local online gift sources!